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Coal Black Beanie

Coal Black Beanie

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The ultimate beanie that keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hotter weather which means you can wear it during any season of the year.  This coal black beanie is made with Merino wool which is so soft that the fibers bend out of the way when they touch your skin, making your beanie itch-free.  If you’re moving with your beanie on don’t worry about your noggin excessively sweating because of this beanie’s moisture wicking fibers.  This Northern Noggin beanie repels any odor producing bacteria which keeps it from getting smelly.  Get your Northern Noggin beanie today!


  • Wear your beanie anytime without getting an itchy noggin.
  • Stay warm, comfy and cozy in cold weather.
  • Keeps you cool and dry in hotter temperatures which means no sweaty noggin
  • This beanie repels smelly odors which means no more nasty and smelly B.O. scents.
  • Breathable and comfortable for you to wear during any season of the year.
  • Super soft which means this beanie will feel nice and comfy up against your noggin’s skin.  
  • Easily stretches to fit most noggins. 
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Tested In Alaska

Sub-zero tested, summit-ready. Our merino beanies dominated Alaska's harshest conditions, guaranteeing cozy comfort on any adventure.


Say goodbye to your cheap, itchy and uncomfortable beanies. Say hello to your anti-itch Merino Wool beanie.

Made To Last

Indulge in luxury that lasts. Merino wool's durability lets you wear more, wash less, making it the perfect travel companion.


We started Northern Noggin because we wanted something you can wear anytime of the day that would remind you to be adventurous, to be outgoing, to make your dreams a reality, and to make amazing memories with your family.  Yes they may only be beanies, but they represent adventure, confidence, perseverance, and family.  So whenever you put on a Northern Noggin beanie we want you to remember that you are representing adventure, confidence, and family.